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Hey, we’ve been playing video games for a long, long time, ever since we were young kids.In turn we have had to figure out various ways to fix PlayStation 3 and Xbox and other gaming devices.

So Whenever we had a problem we would have to figure out how to fix it, simply because we did not want to have to pay all the upfront cost of replacing our PlayStation 3 system or Xbox 360.

So we decided to put together an online resource of various SAFE fixes, that we’ve found online, so that you don’t have to put your system at risk or spend a tonne of money. We our currently in the Process of developing the site, so be sure to BOOKMARK us and come back, as we are vigorously and actively updating our site.


Our Top Picks

We  are steadily expanding and improving our new site. in the mean time we have added some tremendous resources that have been a help to us. Below you will find  resources that have present safe solutions to many of your Ps3 and  Xbox Errors.


 Cinavia Ps3 Fix, Watch movies on your Ps3 and Blu ray

Cinavia Ps3 Fix This is the only safe and legal cinavia bypass we could find. With influx of new technology and devices that you can watch movies on, regulations have been getting strict and can sometimes hinder your ability to watch movies. This cool little software helps you permanently bypass cinavia. Review Coming Soon… Click Here to Read our Review



Fix Ps3 Yellow Light of Death and other Ps 3 Errors

Ps3 Yellow Light of Death   This is one of our favorite little resources. This was created by professional Ps3 repair man Rob Sheffield, he created the first certified ps3 repair guide. So we feel safe whenever we follow any of his videos… Review Soon to come.  Click Here to Read our Review


 Red Ring of Death Fix:

red ring of death We like this for our xbox needs. This has been a life saver, saving us much time and money. This is very professional and easy to follow. we highly recommend this. Review soon to come… Click Here to Read the Review





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